Friday, February 1, 2008

No More Wisdom

A week ago today I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Uncle Jimmy was kind enough to do the service for me. Lucky for me I only had 3 wisdom teeth and 2 of them had already broken the surface of my gums. The whole process only took about an hour and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Jim numbed me up real good and he also gave me laughing gas to help me relax. This was the first time I'd ever had laughing gas and it was definitely an interesting experience. I now understand why it's called laughing gas...I couldn't stop giggling. And for some reason I couldn't feel my feet the whole time I was on it--that made me giggle even more.

Well, the surgery was a success and I no longer have my wisdom teeth. I healed pretty quickly, probably because I've become immune to getting teeth pulled since I only lost approximately 4 of my baby teeth on my own and the rest were pulled by the dentist. (Us Wayne Hart children are pretty handicapped when it comes to losing teeth.) hahahaha

I hardly even swelled...I was hoping the swelling would be a little more dramatic so I could post some sweet pictures on the blog, but this was the best I could come up with. You can kinda tell the right side of my face is swollen (that's where the partially impacted tooth was).

This is my mug shot.
For the first couple of days after the surgery I could only eat soft foods. I got pretty sick of eating soup, and by Monday I was famished. But don't you fret, I am now back to my regular eating habits of cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Janna said...

Sara, I am glad you posted again. I only have half of my wisdom. I got two of the four pulled. My father in law Jimmy pulled them for me.

Elaine said...

I hope that doesn't mean all your wisdom is gone. Really, I'm glad things went well. I could tell your face was a little swollen. I'm sorry your mom wasn't around to give you the nursing that you probably needed. I hope your roommates helped you a little. Good lucky as gospel doctrine teacher. You'll do great.

Tanya said...

I'm scared to get mine taken out now that I have seen your swollen face. With my luck, my whole face will swell up like a balloon for like half a year or something.

Kari said...

Sweet pictures! Very daring to post those as now they might become part of your wedding video. I'm sorry to hear you were famished but imagine if you were running 5 miles a day still and only eating soup - you'd be so ripped! And what's up with being the Gospel Doctrine Teacher? That sounds painful. Good thing you're smart. You and Janna both have been Gospel Doctrine teacher and someone named Jimmy pulled both of you wisdom teeth out - Man I'm feeling left out.



Megan & Aaron Hilton said...

Oh you are so funny, I love reading your blog. I love the mug shot, super scary! It was fun seeing you on Sunday. Good luck with tax season.