Friday, July 27, 2007

My Big News

So in case you didn't read Kari's post about me getting into the accounting program, I'll tell you for myself. I found out last Tuesday that I was accepted into the School of Accountancy at BYU. I received my acceptance online at the school website. I was sooooo nervous to click the button that said "View Decision", I seriously thought I was going to pee in my pants. But I was very glad when I finally got the courage because this is what the next screen said...

We are pleased to offer you admission to the Accounting Program commencing Fall 2007.

And that was it!!! It felt so good. Now I have a future. hahaha I think Dad was even more excited than I was, I had to tell him over the phone because he was in Tuscany aka Tucson Arizona, but I don't think I've ever heard Dad get that excited about anything before, so that was kinda fun. I start the Junior Core classes in the Fall.

I guess now that I'm going into my Junior Year of college, and I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm officially a grown up and that is why I had to start my own blog.

Oh and in conclusion I hope you enjoy these pictures...

I seriously hope there is a water slide in Aspen.

Oh and I too can't wait for the Virgin Islands next Summer.

Well, it looks like I got sucked in too

Hey family, look who it is. I figured if EVERYBODY else has a blog, then I better join the partaaay. Also, it will be pretty useful once I'm all by myself up in Utah so that you can all see how I'm doing, and I can fill you in on all of my gossip. Well, I love you all. Kari and Matt, I hope you survive your trek this weekend because I'll be sad if you don't, and also you would be moded for sure because you would be wearing Pioneer outfits and we will have to bury you in those clothes. hahahaha