Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Luke Moded Me

1. What was the best thing you cooked last week?
Ummmm probly a bowl of cap'n crunch with crunch berries
2. If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
I would want to go to the Virgin Islands with all the family
3. When was the last time you cried?
Sunday night
4- Five things you were doing 10 years ago?
I probably just lost my first tooth haha, watching Mrs. Erickson pick her nose everyday, playing with my newborn niece Haylie, playing lots of soccer, wearing contacts for the first time
5 - Five things you were doing 5 years ago?
Going to my first high school dance, failing my drivers license test, wearing braces, crimping my hair hahaha, being really excited that Tim was home from his mission
6- Five things you were doing 1 year ago?
Studying in the BYU library everyday, freezing from all the snow, being a teenager, hanging out with Grandma Hart every Tuesday, singing lots of karaoke
7 - Seven of your favorite hobbies:
blogging, going out to eat, playing soccer, playing guitar hero or rock band, going to Newport Beach, watching movies, singing karaoke, bowling
8 - Five favorite foods:
cookie dough ice cream, chicken piccata from CPK, quesadillas, grapefruit, martinellis haha
9- Five places you've been:
Costa Rica, Bahamas, Hawaii, Hacienda Heights, Chicago
10- Five favorite memories:
Living in the dorms, Lisa getting baptized, going to Hawaii with the fam 3 years ago, playing high school sports, Christmas at Grandma's
5- People I will be tagging are: Tanya, Sarah Calder, Mindi, Kari, Megan


Janna said...

You've been to Hacienda Heights? I've been to Hacienda Heights!!

Kyle Hart said...

Where is Hacienda Heights? is that part of the Hills? if so i want to go.

Brittney and Jake said...

Hi, Sara! I think it's your birthday today (Feb. 23rd). I remember it 'cause it's one month before mine. I hope you have a great birthday! You're an awesome cousin and we love you!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday! You are such a great cousin and friend. You are the big 21! Crazy! Hope you had an awesome day!

The Turks said...

I love capin crunch berries too! They are my favorite! Wow!
hope BYU is treating you good this week!