Friday, January 4, 2008

Look Who's Back!!

My long awaited return is finally here after a 3 month absence. I know that you all have missed hearing from me so now I will update you all on my life starting back in October.

We had the sweetest Halloween costumes ever in the world.
Then November came and I studied all day everyday.

Luckily December brought a lot of memorable events starting with a sweater party.

Next, I cut a record with my group called The Noels. It's the best Christmas cd you'll ever hear. This is the cover of our album. (I'm the one in the middle)

After I finished recording my Christmas album (you can purchase your own copy for $5.99), I took finals and officially finished my first semester of the accounting program.

Now I am currently enjoying my Christmas vacation, and up to this point it has been exceptional. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with Waynkle, Elainkle, Tim, Tanya, and Marisa. We had a great time. Marisa has recenlty learned how to lounge from her Grandpa Wayne.

Then I took a quick trip to Texas for my good friend Desiree's wedding. We are so glamorous.

Once I got home from Texas, Elaine and Haylie left for Chicago to go visit Carin and Trent and the girls. So I decided it would be an excellent idea to stay with Kari and Matt in the O.C. for the week. Well, nobody told me that Kari started her very own boot camp--she woke me up at 6:30 every morning to run 4 miles, and on Thursday we ran almost 6 miles. Basically, the next time you all see me and Kari we will be ripped out of our minds.

That's pretty much my life up-to-date. I guess we will have to wait and see what January has in store. 2008 should be great!

Happy Birthday to Tim, Cade, and Brynn!!!